New Product, Drawstring Backpack for Toddlers

drawstring backpack for toddler

We've been busy designing and sewing new products to add to the shop, this time we decided to make some drawstring backpack for toddlers. These backpacks are made entirely from fabric (yes, including the straps) so these backpacks are lightweight and comfortable and would be perfect for toddlers. Whether it's a dayout shopping or a visit to the library or a daycare time, these bags would fit your todddlers necessities easily. Mums, bring a spare clothing, sun screens, toys, books and so on and let your toddlers carry it themselves and teach them to be responsible for their own items. They would be proud of it and they would loove these bags.  Of course we can also personalized these bags with names or initials if you'd like. You can browse our kids bag on our collection in this link below or you can also click here

So these back packs are added and ready in the shop, onto the next project. Keep checking this page for our next update. Perhaps you have some ideas for us? if you do, we'd like to hear from you 



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